Growing biofilm in Greifensee

Xuejian installed two cages with glass slides at the monitoring platform in Greifensee. The cages are deployed underwater near the surface and are used to grow natural biofilms on glass slides. After 4 to 6 weeks’ growing, he will harvest the biofilms and spike cyanopeptides to learn about the biotransformation process of toxins/NRPs. The goalContinue reading “Growing biofilm in Greifensee”

CyanoBloom @ ICTC 12

Last week, CyanoBloom was at the 12th International Conference on Toxic Cyanobacteria in Toledo, Ohio. We were able to present our exciting research project, our ideas and visions. Our team was represented by Francesco, Lilli, Pinelopi and Agustina who held two presentations and presented a poster. They gained a lot of new insight and inspiration,Continue reading “CyanoBloom @ ICTC 12”